We are delighted to have approximately 500 participants in the 2017 9th annual Rally to the Guidons! This is a unique event and a wonderful time to reconnect with your classmates from the Corps, while also raising money to support current Cadets. Game time has been announced, and we will have to move quickly to accommodate the 11 a.m. kickoff. Below are additional details about the event. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call (877)-892-4222 or email me at jill@corpsofcadets.org. I look forward to seeing you as we BTHO Auburn! 

Friday, November 3, 2017
5:00-8:00 p.m. Good Bull Reception and Early Check In
Location: Benjamin Knox Art Gallery & Wine Depot
405 University Drive East, College Station, TX  77840

*Join us for reuniting, reminiscing, and early check-in. A cash bar and finger food will be available for all to enjoy.
*Don Crawford ’64, CCA Executive Director, and Corps Commander, Brad Sauer ’18 will address the group. Miss Reveille will also be available for photos.
*ENTER to win “The Last Corps Trip” signed painting by Benjamin Knox. Drawing will be at 7:45 p.m. You must be a Rally participant and register in person to win. (Click HERE to view the painting.) 
*Pick up your Rally coin and your official Rally 2017 shirt (if your shirt was not mailed). Also fill out your waiver form to speed the process up on Saturday. 
*Parking: there is a parking lot at the gallery but also overflow parking on MacArthur Street and in the shopping center across the street by Fox and the Hound. 

Saturday, November 4, 2017
7 a.m.-8:30 a.m. Rally Check In Duncan Dining Center.

*We are really pressed for time, so please plan on registering early Saturday or Friday night.  Pick up your Rally coin and your official 2017 Rally shirt. 
*You MUST wear the official 2017 Rally shirt and khaki pants to march in Rally. Only maroon baseball caps may be worn if you would like to wear a cap. (CCA will have caps available to purchase if needed.)
*Inclement weather: Any additional clothing/layers worn for warmth/dryness will need to be worn underneath the official Rally shirt.*

8:00 a.m.: Meeting with Block COs and Guidon bearers. Instructions from GySgt Cheatham for Eyes Right instructions. 
8:30 a.m.: Special Member presentation to Hollingsworth and Commandant members.
9:00 a.m.: Blocks form up in Duncan and instructions to participants. We will then file out to Coke Street in our Blocks.                                                 9:30 a.m.: Corps of Cadets steps off from Quad, Rally Cadets form up on Coke Street.
9:45 a.m.: Rally Step Off.**

**Mobility impaired Rally participants wanting to ride the golf cart to Kyle Field and meet their blocks at the entrance to Kyle Field will be transported following step off.

Additional Information:
*Signed Waiver: To participate in Rally we MUST have a signed waiver from each participant.  Please print LIABILITY WAIVER, sign it, and bring it with you Friday or Saturday. There will be blank waivers available for you on both days if needed.

*Game Tickets: If you do not have tickets for the Auburn game, you may purchase tickets by contacting the 12th Man Foundation or other online ticket sellers. The AFS will also be airing the game from the Clayton Williams Alumni Center that you can enjoy.

*Mobility Impaired: If you will need the assistance of a wheelchair or scooter while participating in Rally, please contact Jill Bright at: jill@corpsofcadets.org or 1-877-892-4222.

*Personal Belongings: Please do not bring any bags/purses or extra items with you to Duncan on Saturday, November 4. Bring only what you can carry in your pockets while you march (keys and phone). You will not be able to leave them at Duncan because it will be locked after we leave the building and you cannot get back in after the game. 

*Children: Under no circumstances can children participate in Rally to the Guidons. If your child is following you, they will not be allowed to enter into Kyle Field. This is a liability that is forbidden. 

*Route: Click HERE for the map of Rally March-In. We will form up on Coke Street and fall in behind the Corps of Cadets and march to Joe Routt Blvd, to Houston Street and into the SE tunnel at Kyle Field.  

*Rally Shirts: Rally shirts ordered after October 25 will be available for pick up on Friday, November 3, at the Good Bull Reception at Benjamin Knox’s Art Gallery and Wine Depot and Saturday, November 4, in Duncan Dining Center starting at 7 a.m. 

*Parking: There is no reserved parking for Rally participants because Rally occurs on game day.   Please check http://transport.tamu.edu/parking/events/football.aspx for detailed information regarding game day parking.  

*Disabled Parking & Paratransit:  Disabled parking is available for a fee in University Center Garage or lot 50. A shuttle will be provided from lot 50 to the Zone area beginning 3 hours prior to kick off and ending 1 hour post game. All Veterans with Disabilities, Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients, Former Prisoners of War, Pearl Harbor Survivors, and Purple Heart Recipients whose vehicles display the special license plates issued by the Texas Department of Transportation are exempt from the payment of fees in the University Center Garage only on the day of home football games. The registered owner must be in the vehicle. Constables will be checking placards.
Paratransit service is available from lot 50 ($15 parking fee), located at the corner of University Drive and Bizzell Street to Kyle Field (Zone entrance) 3 hours before game time and for 1 hour after the game. Questions? Call 979.847.RIDE (7433) prior to game day.

*Inclement weather: Rally will occur as long as conditions are not dangerous (i.e. lightning, torrential downpour, etc.)
*Questions: Contact Jill Bright at: jill@corpsofcadets.org or 1-877-892-4222.

**For up to date information, please check the CCA website: corpsofcadets.org.