Parent and Visitor Information

     Thanks for visiting the Parents and Visitors Information page! You have probably already read the information on the Prospective Cadets page and have a general idea about the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M University. Probably the number one question about the Corps by parents is "Does my son/daughter have to go into the military after graduation?" The answer is "NO".

     Approximately 50% of all cadets do not enter military service. Cadets have to take ROTC classes the first four semesters. If they are interested in a military career, cadets continue to take ROTC classes and are able to earn a military commission upon graduation. A limited number of military (ROTC) scholarships are available and they are very selective on which cadets receive scholarships. Again, the cadet must apply for a military scholarship.

     Being a member of the Corps of Cadets is demanding. Cadets not only have to do well academically, they must master the Corps leadership program. In the Fall of 2016, the Corps GPR was the highest on record. The cadets posted an overall GPA of 3.03.  Over half of the cadets (60%) posted a GPA of 3.0 or better, and 180 cadets posted a perfect 4.0 GPA. Corps freshmen outperformed their University counterparts by a good margin. For this past spring semester, the Corps posted a term overall GPA of 3.05. This marks the 9th consecutive semester that the Corps has posted an overall GPA above 2.9. Once again, more than half of the cadets (54%) posted a GPA of 3.0 or better and 171 cadets posted a perfect 4.0 GPA. For the first time in Corps history, all 4 classes of cadets posted both a term and overall GPA above a 3.0. The Commandant’s diligent, continued focus on “academics” has taken center stage with the completion of the four Leadership Learning Centers. The new LLCs are filled with Supplemental Instruction, multiple computer labs, a wide variety of study rooms, and lounges - all designed to enhance the cadets’ ability to focus on studies in a professional, relaxed environment conducive to quiet study conditions. Each Corps outfit has a faculty or staff member that is a volunteer Corps Academic Mentor. “CAMs” meet with the outfit on a weekly basis as supportive and encouraging guides to the plethora of academic assistance in the Corps of Cadets as well as on campus.

     The Commandant’s Office employs two full time Senior Academic Advisors and one part-time academic advisor/lecturer for all members of the Corps of Cadets.

     If a student has done well in high school, he/she should be able to make it academically at Texas A&M and be a member of the Corps. With the additional attention focused on grades by the outfits, plus the assistance provided, if used, your son/daughter will graduate from Texas A&M.

     In addition to university and military scholarships, Corps Scholarships are available. Presently there are over 1,800 Corps 2 and 4 year Scholarships available valued between $2,400 and $20,000. All students should apply for a Corps Scholarship.

     Now that we have covered those topics, what should you do to help your son/daughter in the decision process about entering the Corps of Cadets? First, contact the Aggie Corps Recruiter (ACR) in your area. Just refer to the ACR section of our site. This person will answer questions about the Corps and assist your son/daughter in visiting the campus and the Corps area.

     Second, ask the ACR representative for the name of a cadet that is a member of the Corps from your area. Have your son/daughter visit with this cadet. The better informed your son/daughter and you are, the easier the decision is to make. We want everyone informed about the Corps of Cadets. It’s not for everyone.

     Third, contact the University Admissions Office at Texas A&M and make sure your son/daughter is qualified for admissions. Students have to be admitted to Texas A&M to enter the Corps of Cadets. It is recommended that they start the process in their junior year of high school and contact their ACR at that time. The completed State of Texas Common Application for Freshman Admissions to Texas Public Universities should be submitted in early September of the senior year in high school.

     Other items like dorms, meals, uniforms, parades, and scholarships will be explained by the ACR representative and the cadet recruiter.

The Corps Experience...It Lasts A Lifetime!