FTAB to Move Seating Location in Kyle Field

From: 2012-03-28

In an email from Miles Marks of the 12th Man Foundation today, it was announced that the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band will be moved within Kyle Field on game days beginning this fall in order to comply with SEC policies.  The content of Marks' email is included below:

Howdy Ags,

There are many great things happening as Texas A&M is just months away  from officially entering the SEC on July 1.    We announced yesterday that Aggies have responded with the fastest sellout of football season ticket inventory in the history of Texas A&M.  We share your great anticipation for the 118th season of Aggie Football.

The 12th Man Foundation and athletics are working diligently behind the scenes to ensure that the transition to the SEC is seamless and memorable for Aggies everywhere.  While reviewing SEC policies, we learned of a long-standing regulation that says students and band, if seated behind the visiting team, must be located outside the 30-yard lines and no closer than 25 rows from the field.  The way we currently configure our band and student seating meant that we did not comply with this policy.  Simply swapping team benches would place our football team in the sun, which was not an acceptable option.   In February, Texas A&M requested a waiver from the SEC that would allow us to continue seating Kyle Field as in past years.

After thoughtful consideration, the SEC has notified Texas A&M that the request for a waiver was denied.  As the SEC has set itself apart from other conferences by treating all members equally on revenue distribution and policy application, we are satisfied with the decision and have moved forward to comply.   The band will be moved to sections 139 and 140 and affected student seating will be relocated to the bleachers in the south endzone.  The area vacated by these two groups has been filled with season ticket holders.  It is important to point out that, as a result of these changes, student seating will actually increase at Kyle Field to an SEC leading 30,284 seats.

Commissioner Slive has reassured us that the SEC treasures Texas A&M’s traditions, and the conference does not want to do anything that would negatively impact our gameday experience.  Kyle Field will remain the Home of the 12th Man and our administration is dedicated to providing an unmatched home field advantage. 

Gig ‘em,

W. Miles Marks