Attention CCA Members:  Every few years the Corps of Cadets Association prints a directory, the 2015-2016 directory project is under way.  Publishing Concepts, Inc.(PCI) will be contacting CCA members and friends via mail, phone and e-mail to request you update your information.  We understand security and privacy are concerns, but please know that PCI is a trusted partner of the Texas Aggie Corps of Cadets Association.   Click HERE for a list of frequently asked questions.  

7th Annual Rally to the Guidons

ATTENTION: The CCA would like to honor and recognize  Korean War Veterans at the 2015 Rally to the Guidons. Please indicate your status as a Korean War Veteran on the registration form by clicking the appropriate check box .  The CCA will then contact you with additional information.  Thank you for your service! 

October 17th, A&M vs. Alabama, 2:30 p.m.

The LAST day to register online is October 9th at Noon!  

We have 601 participants ready to March-In with the Corps, if you want to see which of your buddies will be there, click here

*** For more information and to register click HERE!***

If you need to exchange your shirt for a different size, please contact us as soon as possible! 

Thank you to David Fox '65,  the current Corps Commander Alyssa Michalke '16, John Fleming '94, and Chris Sullivan '98 for representing the CCA at the 18th Annual Corps of Cadets Scholarship Golf Tournament! 

The Texas Aggie Corps of Cadets Association is a Proud Corporate Sponsor of the Corps of Cadets Scholarship Golf Tournament.

The Corps of Cadets started the 2015-2016 with 2,520 Cadets!

Males 2,150 (85%), Females 370 (15%) - the largest population of female Cadets since females were allowed to join

 White - 1,750 (68%),  Hispanic - 539 (21%),  Asian - 83 (3%),  African American - 59 (2%),  Other - 134 (5%)