Fall 2013 Update from the Director of Bands

From: 2013-09-24

I always appreciate the opportunity to provide an update regarding the current activities of the Aggie Band. We began the Fall 2013 semester with 451 band members – our largest enrollment to date. As it is our practice to march all incoming fish during our first halftime performance on Kyle Field, the 423-member group that appeared on Kyle Field for the Rice game on August 31st marked the largest band we have ever put on the field. Following the first game, the marching block was adjusted to 363 for the remainder of the season to provide the opportunity to continue more complex drill designs as the season continues while still achieving the highest level of precision and clarity in both our marching and playing.

As I write this message, we have already completed four home performances on Kyle Field, with the Aggie Band membership remaining above 440 members. In connection with the Alabama game, members of the band performed for the ESPN GameDay broadcast and recently marched in the Fiestas Patrias Parade in Bryan. A break in our performance schedule over the next couple of weeks will allow us to prepare music for the remainder of the season, and introduce minstrel turns that will be included in our remaining four Kyle Field performances. For those of you who marched in the Aggie Band under Colonel Joe T. Haney, we will honor Colonel Haney by including two original marches that he composed for the Aggie Band – “Maroon Tattoo” (for the 100th anniversary of the band 1994) & “Noble Men of Kyle” (our signature march) – in the halftime drill for the Auburn game on October 19th. We will close out our regular football season with the full band traveling to Baton Rouge for the LSU game on November 23rd.

I wish to thank everyone involved with the Texas Aggie Band Association for your continued support of the band. In particular, we extend our gratitude for the breakfast that was provided by the TABA following Saturday morning drill of the Rice game. With a Noon kickoff and the many responsibilities of band cadets that morning, it was greatly appreciated.

Dr. Timothy Rhea
Director of Bands