Colonel Joe T. Haney Update

From: 2015-03-04


We recently received the following update from Col. Brewer regarding Colonel Joe T. Haney:

"All former Aggie Bandsmen:

I have spent a lot of time recently with Joe and Mary Haney. Joe was diagnosed with Alzheimers some time ago. His condition has reached a point of mental deterioration, where it has become necessary to place him in a facility here in College Station. It has become very difficult to care for him in their home. Having dealt with this disease with my mother, I know this is the very best thing for Mary and Joe's care. Your prayers and thoughts for the "Colonel" I know will be appreciated. I will do my best to represent all of us with visits and care. I guess it's the perfect time for us to remember once again our days in dorms 9 & 11, on the drill field, and sounding recall at Kyle Field under his direction. I will keep you all informed on the situation...

Jay O. Brewer '81"

The 12th Man Kickoff Team Foundation honored Col. Haney this past fall at their annual scholarship dinner. Below is the video they played as part of the presentation. Many of you that were in the band during Col. Haney's tenure will recognize yourselves or someone you knew in the video: