Rudder’s Rangers Company History… So Far

       There is much history surrounding Rudder’s Rangers and its forty plus years of existence.  Some is fact, some is exaggeration, and some is mere fiction.  The reason why nobody knows for sure everything about Rudder’s Rangers is because there has never been a systematic attempt, until now, to capture its rich and vibrant history.

       Rudder’s Rangers was originally founded in either 1968 or 1970 as the “Texas A&M Ranger Company” by members of company F-2.  Its original purpose was to serve as an opposing force (OPFOR) unit for Texas A&M Army ROTC.  There are also rumors floating about that it was originally founded as a protest to the Vietnam War but these have not been confirmed.

       Over time though, the Texas A&M Ranger Company took on the additional mission of training cadets to attend Ranger School in-between their sophomore and junior years in lieu of LDAC.  Back then, select cadets (as determined by a national order of merit list) could attend Ranger School and, assuming they passed, would earn the highest score possible at LDAC (a “5” at the time, but later an “E”).  Texas A&M Ranger Company cadets were often selected to attend and excelled at Ranger School.  Perhaps some of the reason to this was that, prior to leaving for Ranger School, cadets were instructed to sign transfer papers to Texas A&M Prairie View.  They were told that, if they failed, not to worry because their transfer papers would be waiting for them once they got back.... READ MORE.

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