Rally to the Guidons

Rally to the Guidons, sometimes referred to as the Corps Reunion Weekend, helps build esprit de corps between former and current Cadets.  Former Cadets return to Aggieland, form up on the Quad and march in to Kyle Field with the Corps.  All CCA members that are former Cadets are welcome to participate! 

Rally to the Guidons.jpg

Registration for the 10th Annual Rally to the Guidons is Now Open!

Early Check In and Good Bull Reception:  Friday, November 16th from 5pm-8pm at the Benjamin Knox Gallery and Wine Depot.

Rally  to the Guidons: Saturday, November 17th before we BTHO UAB,  Step Off time TBD.

Registration Fee Schedule:

 August 1 - August 31  $65.00

September 1 - September 30  $80.00

October 1 - November 9  $100.00

After November 9  $150*

*Please call our office at 877-892-4222 to see if we can accommodate you.

Take a look back at the 9th Annual Rally to the Guidons...