The Texas Aggie Corps of Cadets is proud to sponsor the following Cadet Programs/Initiatives/Activities: 

Boot Dance, Cadet Challenge, Cadet PT Gear & Hydration Units, CCA Corps Calendar, Corps 11 Athletic Teams (Lodging, Meals, Registration Fees, Travel, Uniforms), Corps Billboards, Corps Color Guard, Corps Family Weekend Awards, Corps Recruiting Office (Aggie Eagle Program, Brochures & Binders, Corps Awards Banquet, JROTC Newsletter), Corps Rehab Training Facility, Corps Scholarship Golf Tournament, Dorm Flags, Female Cadets Reception, Final Review (Reception & Awards), Fish Drill Team (Reunion & Plaques), Fish BBQ, Hall of Honor Gala, Leadership Development Course, March to the Brazos Lunch, Mascot Corporal, Officer of the Day Travel, Outfit Reunions, Rally to the Guidons (Corps Reunion), Rock the Quad, ROTC Detachments Dining In, Senior Class Dining Out & Awards, SCONA Cadet Delegates, O.R. Simpson Honor Society (Banquet & Plaques), Texas Aggie Band Show, the Guidon Magazine