Join or Renew RVA Membership for 2019:

Please take time to join the RVA or renew your RVA Membership for 2019.  We hope you will consider your RVA membership an important part of your annual giving, knowing the RV Company directly benefits from your involvement and donations.  The RV Company Cadet Commander and RV Company Military Advisor are present at the RVA Leadership meetings to allow for direct communication between the RVA and the RV Company and ensure priority needs are identified and met. 

All former members of the Ross Volunteer Company are invited and encouraged to join the association. The Ross Volunteer Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation eligible for corporate matching gifts, and membership donations to the RVA are tax deductible.  Use the 'Renew or Join the RVA' link at the top of this webpage to join online or select 'Download a Membership Form' to join via mail.  Direct any questions to the Membership Committee Chair, George Stokes '63 at

Join the Ranks of the RVA Life Member Platoon

The Ross Volunteer Association received an outstanding response to our 2018 Life Membership Promotion. During the twelve month period,  the ranks of the Life Member Platoon increased from 34 to 84! Thanks to the 50 new Life Members that answered the call. In addition, several former RVs initiated their pledge to Life Membership during the promotion which means our Life Member Platoon will continue to grow in the upcoming years.

Although the 2018 promotion has ended, RVA Life Membership is always an option available to our members, and we encourage all former RVs to consider a donation at this level in support of the RV Company. Life Membership in the RVA is attained through $5,000 donated within 5 years or less. Benefits of Life Membership include:

·         100% of Your Life Membership Donation is Directed to the RVA Endowment

·         Your Name is Engraved on the RVA Life Member Platoon Plaque

·         You will Receive a Personal Life Member Plaque & Gold Lapel Pin with Diamond

·         You will be Recognized by an Engraved Name Plate on an RV Performance Rifle

Direct any questions to RVA Membership Chair George Stokes'63 at

Order RVA Merchandise Online:

The Ross Volunteer Association has partnered with Core Image Group, a College Station based company, to provide online purchase of RVA apparel.  Orders can be delivered to your address or picked up on your next visit to Aggieland.  Click on the picture below and start shopping! 

In Memory and In Honor Gifts to the Ross Volunteer Association:

In Memory Gifts are a special way to memorialize an RV or anyone special to you who has passed away.  In Honor Gifts are a special way to recognize, acknowledge, or show appreciation to an RV or other important person in your life on a special occasion such as an anniversary, birthday, graduation, or other appropriate event . When a Memorial or Honor gift is received by the RVA, a letter is sent to the donor(s) to acknowledge the gift, as well as to any individual(s) the donor indicates should receive an acknowledgment. This may include the family of the deceased or the person being honored. The amount of the gift is not revealed in the acknowledgement.

Mail your Memorial or Honor Gift to: 

    Ross Volunteer Association
    PO Box 12066
    College Station, TX 77842

In your communication, please include your name, address, and phone number, as well as the name of the person you are memorializing or honoring (if an Aggie and/or an RV, please provide class year).  Finally, remember to include the name and address of anyone you wish to receive an acknowledgement of your gift.

For more information, please email or contact George Stokes at 979-828-0099.

2019 RV Company & RVA Events:

  • January 7th - RV Company Reports for Two-a-Days

  • January 15th - RVs Participate in Governor’s Inauguration

  • January 19th - RVs Participate in Southern Heritage Ball

  • February 9th - RVs Perform at Aggieland Saturday

  • February 16th - RVA Board of Directors Meeting

  • February 16th - RVs March in Conroe Go Texan Parade

  • March 3rd - 5th - RV Mardi Gras Trip and Rex Parade Performance

  • March 30th - RVs Participate in Corps Hall of Honor Gala

  • April 6th - RVA Spring Meeting & BBQ Social

  • April 6th - RVA Life Member Event

  • April 13th - RV Family Weekend Performance, Quad

  • April 22nd - Campus Muster, Reed Arena

  • April 26th - RVs March in Fiesta Battle of Flowers Parade, San Antonio

  • April 30th - RV Spring Ball

  • May 3rd - Corps Senior Dining Out

  • May 4th - RVA Board of Directors Meeting (Final Review)

RV Video Collection is Now Available on the RVA YouTube Channel!

Spring 2017 Video Collection

2019 Ross Volunteer Association Board of Directors: 

  • Kyle McNeely ‘74, President

  • Mandy Scott ‘87, Past President

  • Jim Richards ‘69, President Elect

  • Nick Naccarato '70, Director

  • Mark Johnson ‘78, Director

  • Tim Macmanus ‘78, Director

  • Steve Weaver '74, Exec. Director

  • Col. Glenn Starnes '81, RV Company Advisor

  • Jacob Holley '19, RV Company Commander

Ross Volunteer Association Committee Chairs:

  • Bill Walker '73, Finance

  • George Stokes '63, Membership

  • Mandy Scott ‘87, Communications

  • Scott Eberhart '74, Endowment

  • Justin Curtsinger '06, History and Archives

  • Owen Yang '11, Information

  • Robert Pagenkopf '06, Compliance Reporting

About the Ross Volunteer Association

The Ross Volunteer (RV) Company is one of the more recognizable Cadet organizations on the Texas A&M campus, due to their distinctive white uniforms and rifle drill performances. The RVs serve as the honor guard for the governor of the state of Texas, and also march in the annual Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans as King Rex’s escorts. The RVs not only serve at official state of Texas functions in their role as the governor’s honor guard, but also travel around the country performing precision drill presentations as representatives of Texas A&M University.

There are many associations of Aggie alumni which have been formed as a means of supporting current students, such as the Association of Former Yell Leaders, The Association of Former Fish Drill Team Members, and the Corps of Cadets Association. Until recently, there was no permanent association of RV alumni, but due to the efforts of several former RVs, among them Scott Eberhart ’74 , Col. Jake Betty ’73 and Col. Byron Stebbins ’78 of the Commandant’s office, the Ross Volunteer Association was established in 2009.

In organizing the RVA, the association adopted the following objectives:

(1) To provide any required assistance and support for the current Ross Volunteers and their objectives in any fashion or method deemed appropriate by the RVA;

(2) To keep appropriate records pertaining to members of the Association and of all former Ross Volunteers;

(3) To provide the vehicle for the expression of joint interests, concerns, and endeavors in all matters pertaining to the Ross Volunteers on the Texas A&M University campus; and

(4) To perpetuate the position and tradition of the Ross Volunteers at Texas A&M University (TAMU).

In attaining those objectives, the RVA realized that it needed to be organized officially and to be affiliated with a larger Texas A&M alumni-oriented organization, such as the Association of Former Students or the Corps of Cadets Association (CCA), so an RVA Executive Director and Board of Directors was formed, and chose to affiliate the RVA with the CCA as a division of the CCA.

The Ross Volunteer Association
P.O. Box 12066
College Station, TX 77842

Email the RVA at

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