Instructions for Posting Resume

WARNING:  All posted resumes are open to public viewing (which is why we only want your name, phone number and email address on them). 


·        If you have already accepted a job, either permanent or for the summer, then you should honor your commitment and you should not be interviewing other companies. To do so is not ethical.

·        Internship resumes are posted year round

·        Full time resumes are posted up to one year after the student’s graduation


 Before you submit it, your resume:

·         Get approval from Hollingsworth Center for Ethical Leadership

·         Ensure the following for your resume:

    • must be professionally reviewed and current (updated within the last 3 months)
    • must be in pdf format
    • must include your name
    • must include your email and/or phone number
    • must include the month and year of your graduation
    • must NOT include your physical address, birth date, social security number or any other highly personal information
    • can Include your hometown and state (optional)
    • resume file names must include your name and the type of position you are seeking (ex. James Smith_Internship)
  • Email your resume to
  • Review resume on the CCA at least once a month
  • Update Resume at least once a semester
  • Once you accept a job offer, notify to immediately remove your resume.