"Promote, preserve, and perpetuate the Texas Aggie Corps of Cadets by supporting former, current, and future Cadets"

Join us for the 11th Rally to the Guidons!

November 16, 2019, before the A&M vs. South Carolina game

Rally to the Guidons, sometimes referred to as the Corps Reunion Weekend, helps build esprit de corps between former and current Cadets. Former Cadets return to Aggieland, form up on the Quad and march in to Kyle Field with the Corps. All CCA members that are former Cadets are welcome to participate!


NOTE: You do NOT have to have a ticket to the game to participate in Rally to the Guidons.

Hydration Units for the Class of 2023


Support the Corps of Cadets incoming freshman Class of 2023 by sponsoring their hydration units provided by the Texas Aggie Corps of Cadets Association! Each donation of $20 will provide one Cadet with a hydration unit that will be used for their four years in the Corps to include FOW training, outfit training, March to the Brazos, and much more!



Former Cadets in Service & in Business!

We need your submissions! We are looking for Former Cadets in Service and Former Cadets in Business to feature in the Guidon magazine.  Please click on the appropriate link or send to someone you know and submit today! 

Lt. Col. Aaron Cavazos ‘05


Mr. Ray Duerer ‘95

Affiliates of the Texas Aggie Corps of Cadets Association


Thank you to our Corporate Sponsors! 

If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor of the CCA, please contact Pam Brummett at sponsor@corpsofcadets.org or call our office 877-892-4222.  Thank you!