What block do I march in?  Unless you choose one of these blocks, you will march with your class year.  It is your choice where you march.  You do not have to march with the Veterans Block if you want to march with your class. 

Legacy Block:  This block is for former Cadets that want to march with a former Cadet family member from another class year. Please indicate the name of that family member.

Veterans Block: The CCA likes to honor our veterans! If you are a veteran from any conflict you can march in the Veterans Block. Please note which conflict you served in when you check this block.  

Unit Blocks: If your unit has more 40 or more participants in Rally, that unit will have its own block.  If you want to march with your unit, please indicate that on the registration. If not, you will march with your class. NOTE: If your unit does not get 40 members marching, there will not be a unit block and all will march with their class.   Also, note that some participants that were part of your unit may choose to march in the Legacy or Veteran block, which does not count toward the unit numbers.